Export Wholesale Vendors
Buyer to Buyer

We are always happy to collaborate with new export wholesale vendors.
For years, Blue Mango has successfully been exporting to companies all over the globe who uphold Fair Trade principles.
Wholesale Requirements
Please fill out the Wholesale Inquiry Form to start the process.
You must be a commercial registered wholesaler in order to quality.
Upon approval, we will send you our wholesale rates.
We stipulate a minimum of 12 pieces/design/color/size.
We require a 100% advance.
Purchase Order
We require all wholesale orders to be made on an official Purchase Order,
mailed to us by attachment.
We do not accept orders within email letters.
The Purchase Order should include:
Shipping Address
Billing Address
Order Date
Order Details
Other Fees.
There are no taxes for export orders.
We are not responsible for wiring fee transactions between banks.
Please check with your bank that all fees have been paid before wiring us the amount.
Some banks deduct the wiring fees from our invoice amount, leaving us short.
In this case, we would ask you to resend this transfer fee before starting production.
This will cost you two times for one shipment.
Production and Shipping Details
Our office staff, Raja and Rasu, (bluemango_ahmt@yahoo.com)
will keep you updated on the progress of the order
and give you an estimated delivery date.  
Upon shipping, they will send you the tracking number.

We ship via FedEx or DHL, whichever it cheaper.
They clear customs for you and are reliable.
In addition, they safely deliver your order within days.
Terms of Payment
For new customers we require a 100% advance including shipping through bank transfer.
We are allowed to accept foreign funds for orders from three U.S. Banks:
Standard Chartered Bank: 3582-069922-001
Swift: SCBLUS33
Fedwire Routing Number: 026002561
CITI Bank: 36844037
Swift: CITIUS33
Fedwire Routing Number: 021000089
Wells Fargo Bank: 2000193005826
Fedwire Routing Number: 026005092
Beneficiary Institution:
The Karur Vysya Bank LTD.
Door No. 37, Near RMTC Bus Depot,
Bodi – Thevaram Main Road,
Theni (District)
Tamil Nadu
India - 625513
International DVN. – ChennaI
India Financial Service Code: KVBL0001115
Beneficiary customer:
Blue Mango Trust.
Thevaram Road,
Bodinayakanur Taluk.
Theni District.
Tamil Nadu - State.
India - 625528.
Telephone: 04546 290607.
++91 9965590008
A/C.No. – 1115155000053281